Saturday, April 16, 2011

pictures that aren't mine (from Beirut)

I was really lucky I got to go to Lebanon when I did. Next week, a report is coming out condemning Hezbollah for its role in the assassiantion of Hariri, and it's not going to be safe to go to Lebanon after that for a while. A lot of my friends are going Easter weekend, basically the last safe day to go. In any case, all of these were taken by Nick. I just pretended that he was my camera. All these pics are Beirut, the ones from Byblos/Jbail, Jeita Grotto, and the mountains haven't been uploaded to facebook so I can rip them yet :)

These are the mountains in either Syria or Lebanon, I can't remember which.

The city.

Our view from the hostel - the port.

1500 Lira = 1 US dollar

Here follows a series of pictures of the mosque near our hostel.

please note the ruins in the forefront. and the Virgin Megastore to the right.

Where we had breakfast every morning in Beirut.

ruins near the souk district.

Downtown shopping - very French.

creme brulee nick and I split - SO. GOOD.

found right outside the downtown shopping area - remnants from the war.

the abandoned Holiday Inn.

So. hopefully more pictures soon. Until then, Ma'a salaama!


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